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How it works

Ransomware attacks can make it impossible for you to access your files or even use your PC without paying the malware creators, and there is never any guarantee that they will provide you with the means to retrieve your data even if you follow their instructions and pay them.

Fortunately, there are ways to secure your computer against these threats, in the form of applications like Cyber Prot. It is an easy-to-use software solution that offers real-time protection and can block infections by performing various actions.

Cyber Prot is rather simple to configure, as you only need to enable or disable various functions in order to determine what the application should do when a threat is detected and which scanning tools should be employed.

Each of these functions is accompanied by a tooltip, and it is highly recommended that you read them before activating any of the program’s capabilities.

Cyber Prot includes a real-time scanning engine designed to detect malicious activity, and the filters it employs are fully customizable. Additionally, you can specify whether the application should check for batch file renaming operations and block executions from archives or certain folders. Multiple actions can be performed when a threat is detected, from playing a sound alert and sending an e-mail message to shutting down your computer and even preventing it from booting up again.

Cyber Prot can be minimized to the system tray or even closed once the real-time protection engine has been configured, and it will continue scanning your system while running in the background.

In conclusion, Cyber Prot is a helpful program that prevent ransomware attacks and keep your files secure. It offers real-time protection and allows you to specify which actions should be performed when a threat is found.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is a software that protects your data from ransomware, and should be working side by side with an antivirus
Of course. Just download it. It's a fully functional 30 days trial. After this, you must either uninstall it or get a license
Depends on your setup. Usually sound and message allerts are recommanded. Creating the desktop log is also recommended so you can see what triggered Cyber Prot to react. Also, a action that stop the infection is required. If you are a home user, Shutdown the computer should be enough. If you use it on a server, it's unlikely to get infected itself, but it may get affected by an infected computer from the network, so in this case Disable network connections should be enough. If other person will use the computer, then you should consider the fact that the user may attempt to start the computer again and the infection may spread. So Log off and disable local users account may be the best setup. If the computer have sensitive and important information, then is better to ensure that the machine can't be started again so you should use Delete OS entry in BCD and reboot.
You need first to deactivate the license from first computer and use the same serial on the new one. If you already uninstalled Cyber Prot from the first computer, please contact us for license deactivation.
Unfortunately there is not 100% guaranteed. No security solution can be, Actually, Cyber Prot won't detect the infection (that's what the antivirus should do). It will detect the actions done by the ransomware. To be safer, always use actions that stop the PC on positive detection.
You probably got infected. The option you have selected makes the computer to forget about your windows installation, but your data is still on the drive, safe. This option is designed to stop the user from starting the computer again. You should use a live CD (we recommend Gandalf's Win10 PE ) and save your data. The safest thing is to save your data and format the drive. You can also repair your installation from the live CD (See this tutorial)
It works on windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Note that it requires Framework 4.0 or higher.
If you didn't make any important hardware changes between installations, the serial should work. If it doesn't, please contact us.
The heuristics checks may make your antivirus to return false positives. We perform daily checks with multiple AV solutions and escalate any problem with their manufactures. It is recommended to exclude Cyber Prot from being scanned, to avoid false positives detections.
Well, you can simulate an attack be renaming a file with a known ransomware extension (like .zepto or .locky), or you can use a software that renames files fast and activate check based on multiple file renames from settings for example to see it responding. Be sure to select first some not intrusive actions.
We ship serial numbers by e-mail usually in maxim 1 working day. Please check your spam folder. If you didn't get your serial in 2 working days, please contact us
Please contact us. If the bug is genuine or your idea will be implemented we will give you a massive discount :)


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